Who is Eligible?
Structured primarily to benefit graduate students with a developing studio practice, the program is open to applicants currently enrolled in any MFA program. Artists who have just completed an MFA are also eligible to apply, and post-baccalaureate students with an exceptional portfolio may also be eligible.

Special circumstances or questions about eligibility can be communicated to the program director in connection with your application. See APPLY & CONTACT.

Program participants with video artist Candice Breitz.

Program participants with video artist Candice Breitz.

“Spending the first six weeks of my post MFA life in Berlin was an ideal transition from graduate school to post-graduate life. The intensive and self motivated studio environment combined with a thorough itinerary full of museum and landmark tours as well as studio visits with renowned international artists working in Berlin forced me to begin to understand what it means to be an international artist and how to relate on an international level. The program is rich with opportunity and was structured in a way that I could quickly gain confidence and independence navigating Berlin over the course of six weeks. I would highly recommend this program to others seeking an enriching once in a lifetime experience in arguably one of the best cities for artists.”
-Giordanne Salley, Boston University

“The Berlin study abroad through American University is a remarkable experience to have as an artist. Traveling abroad is always exciting, but as an artist, Berlin is particularly inspirational. During our 6 weeks we had the opportunity to see art and meet artists from a variety of backgrounds and with an even wider variety of art work. The artists we met were all very different and unique in their practices but were all easy to talk to and happy to discuss everything form how to make a career as an artist, to how one continues to grow in their artistic practice and develop new ideas.  Aside from the value of the program artistically Berlin is an amazing city to visit, there’s plenty to see and do everyday, and living there for 6 weeks is a fabulous opportunity to get to know such a unique and fun city.”
-Christina Humble, American University

“If you can get to Berlin you are already in a good position as an artist. But if you can get to Berlin under the guidance of a person like Andy Holtin, in a program like American University’s MFA Studio Abroad, you will find yourself in one of the best positions possible anywhere in the art world. While any given program is only as valuable as the individuals invested, I am happy to report that those invested in MFA Studio Berlin, including but not limited to gallerists, curators, professional artists, and writers, were not only interesting, but also interested and truly invested in the program. Principal among them, Professor Andy Holtin drew on a vast knowledge of Berlin’s history as a city and current position in the international art world to function not only as program director, but also as tour guide, coach, and general art world liaison.”
-Benjamin Browne, Boise State University