Visiting Artists and Studio Visits
One of the primary goals of this program is to provide a meaningful interaction with the distinctive art community in Berlin. The opportunity to connect with artists and other arts professionals with a great variety of backgrounds, processes, strategies, and goals is tremendously valuable as artists begin to form their own post-grad-school trajectories; this program brings participants into direct contact and conversation.

Through a mixture of artist talks, guest critiques, and visits to working artists’ studios, participants see first-hand how Berlin-based artists have tackled the challenges familiar to all artists, and can ask directly about the decisions and experiences that brought these artists to their current point. Participating artists have very active careers in Berlin and beyond, and the list includes painters, sculptors, digital media, performance artists, and more.

A partial list of artists from previous programs:

Katrin Plavcak

Candice Breitz

Tobias Sternberg

Clemens Wilhelm

Bettina Cohnen

Ulu Braun

At the studio of Katrin Plavcak.

At the studio of Katrin Plavcak.

Site Visits, Exhibitions, and More

Other group activities focus on connecting with the many artists’ organizations and resources in Berlin. From the amazing state-support workshops at the BBK, to the creative-professionals utopia BetaHaus, to the artists-supporting-artists groups like Agora Collective, Co-Verlag, and Werkstadt Neukölln, participants will see first-hand what can grow out of a critical mass of engaged artists.

In addition to the many commercial gallery districts, program participants have the opportunity to visit major exhibitions, collections, and special events. An incomplete list includes:

Künstlerhaus Bethanien

Hamburger Bahnhof Museum for Contemporary Art

Akademie der Künste

Martin Gropius Bau

The Boros Collection

Keystone Editions

Students viewing the work of Zimoun at the Olympus Playground kunsthalle.

Students viewing the work of Zimoun at the Olympus Playground kunsthalle.

The program is also supported by the participation of Rebecca Loyche. Rebecca is an artist working primarily in video, photography, sound and film. She currently curates re:MMX in Berlin with her partner Jonathan Gröger and has curated programs throughout the United States, China and Europe. Her work has also been shown with great international breadth. Collaborative projects include: a series of Nomadic Art events; tART Women’s Collective in NYC; BUFF Brooklyn Underground Film Festival; and working for the David Smith Estate and ArtOmi international art residencies and sculpture park. She holds an MFA from Hunter College, NYC, BFA from Pratt Institute, NYC, and received a Meisterschüler studying with Candice Breitz at the Braunschweig School of Art, Germany in 2011. Currently, she writes for a couple of Berlin’s Art & Culture blogs with a concentration on art exhibitions and culture event listings happening throughout the city.